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A Senior Software Engineer and/or Software Architect and/or Project Manager position; C++ development is preferred. Full time or contract position.


  • 15+ years of experience in software design (mostly C++ under Windows) and project management;
  • Experience with large distributed systems, fast processing of huge amounts of data, complicated data structures, time-consuming algorithms, graphics;
  • 3+ years of managing Software Development Team;
  • Solid experience working on my own, as part of a team, or managing a team;
  • Languages: C/C++, Python, Perl;
  • Compilers: MS Visual C++, MS.NET;
  • Protocols: USB, 1394, BlueTooth, FibreChannel, InfiniBand, SAS, SATA, PCIe, etc.;
  • OSes: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, DOS.


08/2005 - present, EFI, Foster City, CA - Staff SW Engineer

  • Developed several modules in the Fiery system, which is a standalone controller for commercial printers (C/C++, cross-platform);
  • Created a new build system from scratch using SCons and Python (dozens of products, hundreds of modules, custom scripting language) in place of old Make-based system;
  • Wrote a host of utility scripts (Python);
  • Participated in many aspects of huge system development, from design to integration and sustaining.

02/1998 - 08/2005, LeCroy (former CATC), Santa Clara, CA - Senior SW Engineer, then Staff SW Engineer, then SW Engineering Manager

  • Originally designed and developed most of the company's ACE library, the common code of all Bus Protocol Analyzer and Generator products (of which there are at least dozen);
  • Defined the applications structure, coding standards, most of the complicated algorithms and data structures;
  • Managed the ongoing evolution of the platform for more than 6 years, through numerous product lifecycles, often concurrent and with frequent releases;
  • Worked with different serial protocols: USB 1.1, USB 2.0, FireWire, BlueTooth, FibreChannel, InfiniBand, SAS, SATA, PCIe, and others;
  • Hold one patent (another one is pending) for protocol representation software;
  • Managed a group of 7 software people from different product teams;
  • Languages and environment used: C++, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, some 3rd party libraries.

1992 - 1998, Transas Marine, Inc., St.Petersburg, Russia - SW Engineer, then Senior SW Engineer

  • Part of the team working on Transas Marine's world's leading NaviSailor Electronic Chart Display Information System;
  • Among many other things, worked on chart generation, chart interpreter, and special purpose graphics library; maintained homemade product installation engine;
  • Tools used: Borland C++ 4.5, Visual C++, C++ Builder, and Perl. OS used: Windows, DOS (dual-OS product);
  • Team Leader on the DieselMaster 2000 project, a vessel propulsion monitoring and diagnostic system that displayed real-time sensor data in an oscilloscope-like fashion;
  • Tools used: Watcom C++ 10.0 and Meta Windows library for DOS with DOS4GW DOS extender.

1995 - 1996, Biosvyaz Ltd., St.Petersburg, Russia - Contractor

  • Designed and developed "controlled animation" application for treating children with certain type of asthma disease (animated characters responded to heartbeat sensor input);
  • Tools used: Borland C++ 3.1 under DOS.

1996, Elektron Ltd., St.Petersburg, Russia - Contractor

  • Implemented front-end to a fingerprint security application;
  • Tools used: Borland C++ 3.1 under DOS.


1987-1993, MS Computer Science, St.Petersburg University of Electrical Engineering, Russia.


US Citizen.


Available upon request.